Grave Yard Grill

Here it is my latest creation "The Grave Yard Grill ". Anybody who knows me can tell you that I look at things differently and here is the proof. Yes! That is a real coffin. I know you are thinking "What the hell " How sick is that? What can I say, now you know a little more about how my mind really works! To put your mind at ease this coffin was ordered from Batesville Casket Co. It is a real Solid Copper Casket. It was then shipped to the Movie studio for the movie "Death at A Funeral" with Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan. I have the paperwork that goes with it as well. It never had a real body in it so relax! When I first saw it I knew it had BBQ Grill written all over it. Wouldn't you? And Yes, those lights do work. It has its own 110 electrical system. Don't they all? I was going to plumb it for water and a sink but then I thought "Well, that's just crazzzy ". This is a one of a kind grill. Large grill surface 20in X 39in. as well as a prep area with a cutting board 4 food storage bins with lids. It is for someone who thinks…shall I say “Differently” and someone who wants to have the first “GRAVE YARD GRILL” on their block!