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When you have spent a greater part of your job as a Butcher…..over 20 years….. you know a lot about meats.

I know a lot about the different cuts of meat as well as the different ways of cooking them as you can imagine. I also spent most of my life building hot-rods and restoring antique and classic cars.

Now you can’t do that and not have a BBQ close by when your friends come over to give you a helping hand. I have always had a Weber of some sort or propane BBQ rig in my backyard my whole life as I am sure most of you have had. In the last few years with the introduction to the Food Network Channel I found myself watching hours of shows about the BBQ cook-offs. I found myself looking past the meat they were cooking and was intrigue by the Smokers and Grills they were using in the competition.

So I decided to combine my two loves: Building Cars and Cooking Meat, and started making Smokers and Grills right here in So Cal.

Each unit is customized to your own specific requirements. I have several sizes and designs but I am also open to your design as well.

The first Smoker I built I wanted to show my love of the automobile. As you can see it has Dual 3” Exhaust and an original Hurst 4-speed shifter that controls the air intake. My smokers also have upper and lower cooking racks and a fire box cooking grate as well. Each design is different and made to your own individual design.

In addition we offer custom paint themes on all of our smokers and grills. I have a local artist who has been doing custom painting for over 30 years. His work is some of the best you will ever see. If you want flames, pinstripes, Company logos or anything you can dream of, we can incorporate it onto the smoker. Check out the flame job he did for one of my clients...

Each Smoker or grill is built to your specifications…so you are the only one that has that smoker or grill!

Please feel free to email or call me at any time to discuss your Smoking or Grilling needs.

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